System Introduction

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Bluecard Camera-Based Parking Guidance System or Video PGS adopts camera to replace ultrasonic sensor. One dual type detector consists of two camera, back-to-back design. Each camera is able to observe max three parking bays, so max 6 can be monitored by one set.




Main Features:

-Two embedded cameras with ANPR function.

-Each camera can observe Max 3 bays, so Max 6 by one set.

-Resolution of camera is 2304*1296 (3-meg pixel).

-Support "Find Your Car" function by searching license plate.

-Support “Video Recording, especially during cars' in or out of parking bay.

-Seven types of light colors to indicate different types of bays.

-Ethernet interface and POE.

-Lower installation and maintenance cost.


According to site environment, camera can be set to face one, two or three parking bays.