System Introduction

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Military Region  Residence Community Underground Parking Lot

System Introduction

Bluecard UHF Hybrid Long Range Reader is designed for automatic vehicle access control. It can integrate with barrier boom gate, auto-gate to build a standalone parking access control system. It is ideal product for regular visitors such as staff parking lot, house resident. With the long range reader, drivers no need to stop to manually read card. It is more efficiency way for parking management.


Bluecard brings the non-stop vehicle access control system. When the car is procuring into/out the gate/barrier, there is no need to stop for manual read card or swipe card to open gate/barrier.


Bluecard system employs the Ethernet network system based on TCP/IP protocols. The main machine are all connected and communicated via TCP/IP network (RJ45 cable). Which save a lot money and time when install the system.





As we have mentioned on above, the major devices are all communicated via TCP/IP which means that you can add extra devices without extra cable work. For instance, the entrance /exit machine are not involved at beginning, but you can install them when the client want them without too much messy cable work. You can connect the devices by RJ45 cable.