High Definition LPR camera

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Product Introduction

Product Name: High Definition LPR Camera

Product Type: BCHV-VLPR-N


Product Features

 1.   Integration LPR Camera which can even work standalone without PC support

 2.   Being able to resist strong vehicle light at night & able to guarantee best recognition result

 3.   Being able to automatically recognize plate number accurately & clearly

 4.    TCP/IP port supported & easy for installation and maintenance

 5.    Rain & dust proof design which is able to work in harsh environment



Product Specification


License Plate Location Accuracy


Recognition Accuracy with Chinese Characters


Recognition Speed

 300ms in average

Adaptable Vehicle Speed


Camera Resolution

 1 Million Pixels
 2 Million Pixels
 3 Million Pixels


 RJ45 Ethernet Port


 1 switching value input


 2 switching value output

Power Supply

 DC 12V, 2A

Working Temperature

 -30°C ~ 70°C

Working Humidity

 Less than 95% (25°C)






Head light & fog light on,heavy rain