High Speed Barrier

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Product Introduction


Inverter High Speed Barrier

Product Type: BCDL Series


Product Features
1. Adopting the DC inverter technology, barrier’s rising and falling speed can be adjusted separately.
2. High rising speed and low falling speed can guarantee access control efficiency and security to maximum extent.
3. High rising speed and low falling speed can switch freely and stably, which avoid the shaking problem to minimum extent.
4. Adopting rare earth torque motor, torque is huge. Barrier can control a 3-meter arm even without the help of spring.
5. Adopting spur gear reduction, which avoid the quick-wearing defect of worm-and-wheel gear, and improve barrier lifetime.
6. Thanks to the DC inverter technology, barrier is electricity cost-effective.
7. Barrier working status can be checked from IE browser directly. 


Product Specification

Bar Type

Straight Bar/Folding Bar/Fence

Power Supply


Power Frequency


Motor Type/Rated Power

DC Inverter Motor/140W

Product Life
>5 Million Times
70 Nm
Rising/Falling Time Set by Software/1.4s-6 s
Dimension 350×290×1080mm
Working Temperature -40℃~+75℃