System Introduction

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World Leading AI Camera-Based Parking Guidance System 



-One detector is able to monitor maximum 6 parking spaces
-Find car by license plate and route guide to car
-License plate is recognized by GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) on AI solution
-Daisy-Chain connection via Ethernet between detectors &POE supported
-Lower cost comparing with previous version (such as Ultrasonic solution)
-Space Recognition rate is close to 100%, even in a bad lighting condition

Bluecard new generation Camera-Based Parking Guidance system uses AI to enable our detector has a better recognition rate. Comparing with previous version, such as ultra-sonic detector, embedded ANPR camera, this solution is considered to be a world leading system.

Better Recognition
Recognition rate is improved by AI server, for instance, parking building with semi-open wall always to be a difficult for ANPR technology, the AI enable to recognition plate in a bad lights conditions. The recognition rate is very close to 100%.

The cost is dramatically cut by using AI. Camera based solution is always consider to be higher price than ultra-sonic solution. But the price of camera system with AI could be competing with ultra-sonic solution.