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Year 2002
In January, in the Shangdi Service Center Room 305, a less than 20 square meters’ room, Mr. Zhuang Minghua and Mr. Yin Jiuchun started from scratch, founded the Bluecard Software Technology Co., Ltd.. At the beginning of the establishment, the company established the vision: “Develop most advanced technology, serve customers from all over the world”. Determined to use ten years to become the industry's leading large-scale enterprise. And ultimately, become one of the international influential top well-known enterprises.

In May, the company's first guard tour reader model BP-2002 launched, for the application characteristics of the Guard Tour System, designed a special circuit for the reader to solve the high power consumption problem of the inductive reader, accelerated the electronic guard tour system from contact reading to induction revolution. 

Year 2003
In March, Bluecard with only a few people working in the company, won over the Beijing Bus Group 2000 guard tour readers order in the competition with the top big domestic counterparts due to Bluecard’s leading edge of the technology. This event shocked the counterparts and raised a wide range concern in the market, Bluecard then quickly became the first-class brand of the guard tour industry

In April, Bluecard moved into No. 1 Building, International Innovation Park, staffing constantly and expanded the office to 200 square meters, which marks Bluecard had a firm foothold in the industry, entered a new stage of development.

In October, the first domestic branch - Shenzhen Branch was established, marking Bluecard is from Beijing to nationwide.

In November, a new model BP-2002K reader with Chinese character input was firstly introduced into the market, the user can be intelligently guided to input the inspection information. With a metal shell, waterproof and anti-drop, intelligent inspection, the patrol work becomes simple, its widespread application is in the coal, petrochemical industry. This marks Bluecard is from patrol into the field of inspection. 

Year 2004
In March, Bluecard began to recruit American Chinese, and those returnees with overseas study, work experiences, formally established the overseas sales department, directly exports overseas, in the short term was a great success, successfully opened the overseas markets.

In May, Bluecard again beat the domestic top guard tour product manufacturers, won the Hebei Mobile project, marking Bluecard gradually replaced other manufacturers, and became guard tour product market leader.
Year 2005
In January, Shanghai branch was set up, the formation of Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, the three places layout is established.

In May, the guard tour reader model BP-2002S was officially launched in ISC West Exhibition in Las Vegas, United States, it is the most advanced guard tour reader in the world, super durable, without any press button, and wireless transmission. Set off a guard tour product industry technology revolution, entered the guard tour industry perfect era. With this product, Bluecard became a market leader in the guard tour industry.

In August, awarded the coal safety certification for the first time, marking Bluecard's products into the field of coal mines.


Year 2006
In February, received an ISO9001 certification.

In 2006 Bluecard launched three strategic core technology research projects, which had laid a solid foundation for the company's long-term development. The three items are:
1. began to "IoT" core products - UHF 900M electronic tag reader development. This project is very difficult, Intel, Philips and other well-known international companies are put resources into the “IoT” development. Marking Bluecard entered the forefront of smart cards field.
2. Began R&D on a new generation of video surveillance technology, the core technology - H.264 video compression technology.
3. Began to develop Bluecard’s own ERP management system to accelerate the enterprise information construction. 

Year 2007
In January, Bluecard moved to the Shangdi Science and Technology Building, office area has reached thousands of square meters, marking Bluecard into the rank of a medium-sized enterprise.

In May, in the IFSEC 2007 show in UK, UHF reader BU-900F was officially launched, marking Bluecard mastered the 900M long-distance card reader core technology.

In June, awarded the 7th Beijing’s top 100 brand for innovation of the ‘Light of Science and Technology’.
In June, Mr. Zhuang Minghua won the "Outstanding Entrepreneur Award".

In September, officially launched a network video server, marking Bluecard has the most advanced network video surveillance technology.

In November, Bluecard obtained the "software enterprise certificate".
In November, Non-stop long range parking system was launched in the CPSE 2007 show in Shenzhen, with the UHF 900M electronic tag reader technology, more than 10 meters ultra-long reading distance, no need to stop the car to get the card being read, the UHF card is a passive card, no battery no need to charge, the cost is very low, set off the parking industry revolution. Marking Bluecard officially entered the parking management system industry. 

Year 2008
In January, the company and all employees donated RMB25,320 for a sick employee.

In February, all employees of the company donated RMB11,350 for the people living in the "snow disaster” area.
In May, all employees of the company donated RMB118,350 for the Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, Sichuan Province.

In June, began to develop embedded license plate recognition technology, this technology can achieve not only non-stop traffic, but also can greatly simplify the parking system.

In October, received the top 10 brand of China's security products market share in Year 2008.

In November, won the top 10 national security brand in China.
In November, According to long-term research of the actual use and needs of the customers, Bluecard officially launched a non-stop parking management system - access control version for tenant users, the system can be based on customer needs to combine the equipment to remove unnecessary equipment in the system , Greatly reducing the cost of tenant users for parking. At the same time, the system enhanced Bluecard’s competitive advantages in the parking management system field.

In December, Bluecard obtained the “National High-tech Enterprise”certification. 

Year 2009
In May, launched the RFID / GPS / GPRS three-mode guard tour reader, GPS positioning and RFID together, can effectively cover the GPS patrol blind spot.

In June, awarded the certificate of "Science and Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises".

In July, BG-245-W card reader successfully sold to Turkey, marking Bluecard’s parking system core technology products to enter the world markets.

In August, Hangzhou branch was established, and gradually open the market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

In September, was named the Top 10 brand of "2009 China's security products market share".

In November, introduced the BU-900M-K card reader to the market, completely solved the long-distance card reader problems. Marking the parking system is more perfect, non-stop parking technology to mature.
In November, embedded license plate recognition algorithm research succeeded, the official launch of the embedded license plate recognition camera.
In November, Chengdu branch was established.

In December, Nanjing branch was established. 

Year 2010
In May, was named "Integrity Unit" of “2006 - 2009 Beijing disabled employment security fund examination and collection”

In June, Hefei office was established.

In September, Shenyang branch, Wuhan branch, Wuxi office were established.

In October, Chongqing, Fuzhou office were established.
In October, in Beijing International Security Exhibition launched an integrated barrier, this product integrates a card reader, camera pole 12V DC power supply, network switch, vehicle detector, makes the system easy to install.

In November, high-definition network camera, embedded license plate recognition HD network camera were begun to the development stage.
In November, Nanchang office was established.
In November, won the top 10 brand of 2010 China's security products market share.

In December, Tianjin office was established. 

Year 2011
In February, launched the whole network parking management system, marking the parking system into the network era, leading the industry trend.

In March, Ningbo, Xi'an office were established.
In March, launched card dispenser and exit card collection machines, replaceable host design greatly reduces the cost of services.
In March, Won the Top 10 supplier of the "China Intelligent Security Residential Area Security Products”.
In March, launched BU-900M-A reader with voice broadcast function, this card reader can identify the card type, prompt the card status to avoid the card expired and other inconvenience caused.

In April, Shijiazhuang office was established.

In June, launched a network intercom host, which allows directly talking with the management center to solve the problem of unattended posts.
In July, Production Department moved to Yongfeng Science and Technology Park, with a total area of 2,000 square meters, to achieve a large-scale production.

In November, Guangzhou office was established, so far Bluecard has reached more than 20 offices nationwide, basically covering the country's major provinces and important cities.
In November, officially launched a patented technology of low-temperature barrier, after the actual purchase and installation in Hailar, the equipment can withstand the cold temperature under -47℃ and still work properly, which proves that Bluecard’s another innovative technology research and development is successful.
In November, officially launched a high-definition network camera for parking in CPSE 2011, marking the parking system into the high-definition era.

In December, Bluecard’s parking management system was successfully sold to Zambia, which marks Bluecard’s advanced technology and excellent product quality has won the recognition of foreign customers, the parking system has entered the overseas markets successfully. 

Year 2012
In January, Bluecard marks its 10th Anniversary.

In May, 3D high-definition license plate recognition officially launched, leading the new trend in the parking field.
In November, the inverter high-speed barrier officially released. The product adopts advanced DC inverter technology, and the speed of opening and closing can be adjusted independently. It can realize high-speed opening arm, fast passage; slow closing arm, prevent smashing car and person, by this means, it avoids the unsafe in traditional high-speed barrier, and the inconvenience caused by the low speed.

Year 2013
In February, "smart parking guidance system" officially released.

In June, Bluecard awarded the Top 100 Zhongguangcun high growth Enterprises.

In October, with the 3D high-definition license plate recognition parking system, the Inverter high-speed barrier, and the Smart parking guidance system showed in the CPSE 2013 Shenzhen show, Bluecard led a new generation of parking system revolution.

Year 2014
In March, bought the "mobile IoT parking management system" new concept into the parking industry, launched the "mobile payment", "video parking guidance system", "microwave vehicle detector", these three main products to participate in the March start of the nationwide security show tour.

In May, awarded the National High-tech Zone Top 100 Fast Growth Enterprises

In November, awarded the "Top 10 access control brands in 2014".

In December, awarded the Top 10 brands of the 2014 China Intelligent Building Industry Parking Management System. 

Year 2015
In April, Bluecard successfully developed the world's first microwave vehicle detector for parking, using the advanced FM continuous wave (FMCW) principle, through the vehicle for high-speed detection, can replace loop detector, completely solve the parking installation problems, Leading the parking system into the "no loop" era.

In June, "one to six" wireless high-definition video parking guidance system released, the product can detect six parking spaces maximum, shifting the parking guidance system trend from "ultrasonic" to "video recognition" technology.
In July, Bluecard Software Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the shareholding system reform, officially changed its name to "Bluecard Technologies Corp.".

In December, Bluecard officially became a public listed company in the NEEQ, stock code: 834515.

Year 2016
In January, the All-in-One machine, which includes LPR camera, high-speed barrier, LED display, flash light, microwave vehicle detector, officially launched. Opened a new chapter for the LPR parking field.
In January, won the parking system category - the 6th 2015" Sizheng cup "the most concerned about the top ten security companies.

In March, awarded the 2015 China's intelligent construction industry parking system management system TOP brand enterprises; security Oscar 2015 integrity companies.

In May, won the 2015-2016 Shanghai Security Excellent Enterprise - Commercial Residential Industry Excellent Security Products Supplier.

In October, officially launched Beacon navigation high-definition video parking guidance system, can achieve regional navigation, parking guidance, shop navigation, search car function; awarded China’s Top 10 national security brands of A & S access control; "safe city" recommended excellent industry solutions provider (Community family, style industry); high-definition video parking guidance system has obtained the excellent innovation special award; won the Top 100 2016 Zhongguancun high-growth enterprises.

In December, won the 2016 China's Top 10 market parking performance award, 2016 China's Top 10 scientific and technological innovation award.